1. Triangular LED wall light panel, the pattern can be spliced ​​arbitrarily. Presenting 16 million RGB colors and a variety of different modes, creating a fashionable and romantic atmosphere in many scenes such as bedrooms and living rooms.
2. It has the function of voice control, which can interact with the game sound and change the light color at the same time. The light changes with the frequency of the sound for different effects, bringing a different sound and light experience.
3. A variety of control methods, in addition to the remote control and mobile APP, it can also support intelligent voice control (Google home, Alexa, Mijia), freeing hands and easy to control.
4. Built-in 3 modes and 20 lighting effects, switch freely according to your needs
– Home mode: default white light, adjustable brightness (because white light is RGB mixed light, the color temperature is set to the default value, no adjustment is required)
– Viewing mode: single color change
– Entertainment mode: The entertainment mode is divided into game mode and music rhythm mode, both of which are based on identifying the music rhythm and changing the corresponding lights according to the music rhythm.
– Lighting effects: 11 built-in lighting effects, the movement direction can be adjusted under different lighting effects, and a total of 20 preset modes, users can choose according to the effect/atmosphere.
5. LED light source, pure and bright light, high color rendering and low light decay, with a service life of up to 25,000 hours. Using high-quality RGB light source, 16 million rich colors. The connection piece has a high degree of sealing, the interface is tight, and the performance remains stable after multiple plugging and unplugging.

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