Xiaomi Conference Tapcast





No Wi-Fi connection needed.Fast and efficient automatic network forming.The built-in Wi-Fi module enables the transmitting port and receiving port to automatically pair. Tap to cast anytime and anywhere, requiring no additional network.

No driver installation needed.A plug-and-play experience without trial and error.The built-in enterprise-class processing chip integrates a network module and features codec functionalities. You can tap to cast, needless to install any driver.

4K ultra high-resolution projection.Ultra high-resolution transmission that renders everything clearly.The advanced 4K codec chip decodes at a low compression rate and inputs with an ultra-high resolution, presenting more details and reducing image noise, offering synchronized audio and visual with smooth operation. Every line stands out clearly in both videos and documents.

5G transmission protocol.Each signal is as stable as if it is wired.The 5G band transmission protocol allows the transmitting port and receiving port for peer-to-peer, high-speed data processing, minimising lags, latency, flashing screen and ensuring stable and reliable projection for long periods of time.

A full-functional Type-CCharging while casting via the mainstream interfaceThe transmitter port adopts a advanced Type-C interface to integrate DisplayPort HD output and USB-Power Delivery charging, improving stability while transmitting HD content

Multiple devices simultaneous connections.Tap to switch between screens.Multiple transmitting ports can be connected to the same receiving port. You can simply tap to switch between different screens instantly, without having to plug and unplug multiple.

Lightweight, compact and portable.Easy to hold and control.All you need is just a tap on either side of this reversible minimalist design and it is light enough to be carried around.

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