• Leica professional camera system
    Leica professional optical lens I Two Leica photographic styles
  • IP68 water & dust resistance2
    Built for more scenarios
  • MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra
    Supreme performance, incomparable power efficiency
  • 42 mins to 100%1
    Powered by 67W turbo charging
  • Up to 16 hours video playback1
    Long-lasting 5000mAh (type) battery
  • 144Hz CrystalRes AMOLED display3
    Incredible details with super smooth responsivene





Exquisite design

Enticing colour

Leica professional camera system

Leica professional optical lens Two Leica photographic styles
Inheriting Leica’s professional quality, the optical quality of the lens has been adjusted and improved at the source, bringing richer colours, ultra-high resolution, effectively solving ghosting and glare, and producing excellent rendering even in extreme environments.

Leica main camera

Coupled with,a super-sized sensor to bring a more delicate textture to your photographs and preserve the stories in every moment of light and shadow wonderfully

Leica telephoto camera

Equivalent to the focal length of a 50mm telephoto lens, f/1.9 ultra-large aperture, creates a bokeh comparable to that of professional SLRs to capture people more vividly.

Leica ultra-wide camera

The 15mm equivalent focal length creates an amazing sense of space, capturing more wonder and displaying more character tension in each shot.

Leica custom photographic styles

To enjoy even more freedom with your creations

Inspired by two photographic styles, you can adjust Tone, Tonality and Texture for better image quality by yourself and unlock more possibilities on image creativity with Leica aesthetics.


Exquisite design

Enticing color

IP68 water and dust resistance*

Sophisticated fuselage technology brings more confident protection, accompanying you over mountains and through rivers, making creation freer and easier.

The New Custom Flagship AMOLED

A brand new customised flagship AMOLED with amazingly upgraded performance and 2600nits peak brightness*, it still performs clearly in the sun and brings you a better creative experience.

Pro HDR display Ultra-dynamic display

The Xiaomi 13T Pro’s ultra-dynamic display technology can increase brightness up to 5 times that of
traditional displays. It can accurately identify HDR areas, use dynamic masks to darken the brightness of
non-HDR areas, and smoothly transition between different areas of brightness for better images.


MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra

Using TSMC’s precise 4nm process with super-high integration for a powerful performance, tens of billions of mass-integrated transistors equipped with an innovative development resource architecture, provide better adaptation and lower power consumption, regardless of whether you’re working, gaming, or creating. Its strength should not be underestimated.

Masterpiece Battery and Charging

67W turbo charging
5000mAh large
Xiaomi’s new generation of high-energy-density batteries with strong battery life performance assist in daily use and creation. 67W turbo charging can fully charge quickly in 42 minutes*. Long use and fast charging leave you
worry-free and unconstrained.


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