smart operation mechanism

high security configuration

integrated doorbell and high quality camera

wide angle, good night vision.

supports connecting Mijia app, Apple Homekit link

3D fingerprint recognition

6 other unlocking ways





Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro with smart operation mechanism, high security configuration, integrated doorbell and high quality camera, wide angle, good night vision. In addition, the door lock supports connecting Mijia app, Apple Homekit link and equipped with 7 different unlocking features, flexible for users.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is equipped with 161 ° high-definition ultra-wide-angle camera , allowing to see the whole thing more easily, can promptly capture the situation in front of your house Simultaneously HD camera image 1080P for the best visibility. In addition, the door lock Xiaomi Pro is integrated with a human recognition sensor. When someone is in front of the door for too long it will automatically activate the camera to record and push information back to the smartphone

The camera on the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is equipped with a 940nm infrared light integrated with a light sensor. Specifically, when the ambient brightness is dark, the camera will turn on the night vision function. Infrared light helps users to clearly capture images in the dark more easily.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is equipped with 3D fingerprint recognition with coa sensitivity. Specifically, the door lock is equipped with Swedish PB fingerprint detection algorithm. In addition, the fingerprint shell is machined by sapphire stone with the 9th highest hardness in the world, has super good abrasion resistance, the ability to identify accurately at the rate of 98.7%. Users just need to hold the handle and open the door immediately.

At the same time, Xiaomi Pro is equipped with 6 other unlocking ways including digital password unlock on the door lock, key unlock, temporary password, NFC, bluetooth unlock password, homekit (voice unlock via Siri), …

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is equipped with a grade C lock core that runs along the entire lock body, even when the front is damaged, it is still a complete mechanical lock. The whole body is integrated with 4 locking blades (oblique blade, detector blade, square blade, reverse lock blade) and intelligent sensor to accurately detect the status of the lock body. The Xiaomi camera integrated door lock is also equipped with a rear clutch and a core controller chip located on the panel that prevents violence and electromagnetic interference. The key is also equipped with dual security chip MJSC and MFi recognized by Mijia and Apple Homekit.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro supports connecting Mijia and Apple Homekit apps , making it possible to lock the door with other smart devices. Users can easily control remotely via the app such as adding, removing user rights, reviewing door lock video logs, setting alarms, doorbell volume, …

In particular, the Xiaomi XMZNMS05LM smart door lock Pro is quite stable. The camera is independently powered by a lithium battery with a rechargeable life span of 3 to 5 months. The door lock is powered by 4 dry batteries with a lifetime of up to 10 months. At the same time when the power supply is lower than 20%, the door lock will remind the user.

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