• Strap material : PC, TPU
  • Applicable scenarios : Running, Cycling
  • Supported :  data itemsStep count, stride, cadence (SPM), pace, distance, cadence-pace ratio, ground contact time, flight time, flight ratio, pronation and supination, footstrike pattern, impact force, cadence (RPM)




For Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Running Pod Become Professional Assistant Shoe Lace Cadence Stride-Length Landing-Time-Mode Valgus Cycling

Become a professional running assistant

After loading the body of the bracelet into the running pod, add it to the running shoe laces. Switch to running pod mode on the bracelet or APP, and turn on exercise on the APP, you can record 13 professional data such as cadence, stride length, landing time, and landing mode.


Basic parameters

Accessory material

PC plastic + TPU soft rubber

Support for data items

Number of steps, stride length, cadence, pace, distance, cadence to pace ratio, touchdown time, vacancy time, touchdown ratio, valgus amplitude of the balls of the feet, landing method, impact on the ground, cadence


Packing list

Running pod*1, instruction manual*1, warp *1, excluding the main body of the bracelet

*When using, please make sure that the face of the bracelet dial is facing you, as wearing it in the wrong direction will cause errors in the measurement results.

Installation and removal of running pod


1. Press the body of the bracelet into the running pod cavity in the correct direction.

2. Press the button on the bottom of the running pod to pop off the spring clip

3. Pass the buckle clip under the laces and press the buckle to tighten the spring clip.

Note: After wearing, please check whether the contents of the watch face are facing you, if the orientation is not correct, it may cause incorrect data recording.

Tip: It is recommended to wear an appropriate amount of laces to ensure a secure installation, too little or too much laces will cause the buckle clips to be unsecured or stretched.


1. Press the button on the bottom of the running pod, pop off the spring clip, and remove the running pod from the laces.

2. Gently insert the top or bottom end of the running pod with your fingertips or warp and pull the groove of the main body of the bracelet.

3. Separate the body of the bracelet from the running pod.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Straps
Xiaomi Smart Band 8
Running Clip
A more professional workout
After activating the pebble mode, fit the band into the Running Clip and clip it onto your shoe laces, ensuring the watch face is oriented towards you. It will measure your running posture and provide various running data. The vibrant black and green color scheme, made from PC plastic + TPU rubber materials, make it a reliable choice.
Xiaomi Smart Band 8
TPU strap
The sporty choice
The soft, smooth and waterproof strap is the perfect

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