Mi Selfie Stick Tripod

A unique selfie stick and tripod stand combined into one unit, with a Bluetooth shutter remote.
Bluetooth shutter remote I Extendable aluminum monopod I Non-slip grip I Phone holder rotates 360


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The Mi Selfie Stick Tripod connects to your phone using Bluetooth v3.0 and requires Android 4.3 or higher, or iOS 5.0 or higher. It has a Micro-USB port for charging. In terms of dimensions, in its compact form, the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod comes in at 190x45x50mm and weighs 155 grams. When the selfie stick is extended, the length increases to 510mm. It is made from aluminium alloy which makes it light, sturdy, and portable. There are non-slip grips on the handle as well. The clamp where the phone is attached also has a non-slip cushion design. Speaking of the clamp, it can rotate 360 degrees with an adjustable grip. Xiaomi says the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod can accommodate large phones like the Mi Max Series.

The Bluetooth remote can be separated from the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod itself and can be used for clicking pictures from afar. When not using from afar, the Bluetooth remote can be placed in its dedicated slot on the selfie stick.

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