Mi Router AX1800

  • Processor : IPQ6000 quad-core A53 1.2 GHz CPU
  • Network Acceleration : Single-core 1.5 GHz NPU
  • Memory : 256 MB
  • LED indicator : 2x (System indicator x1, Internet indicator x1)
  • Dual band : 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz


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Mi Router AX1800

5-core WiFi6, now that’s fast

Qualcomm 5-core chipset with powerful enterprise-class performance

Powerful quad-core CPU, single-core NPU hardware acceleration

True stability means taking every moment in stride

Qualcomm 5-core chipset home router with powerful enterprise-class performance always stable for ease of mind online.

Independent Network Acceleration Engine hardware-level acceleration with lower latency

Single-core 1.5 GHz NPU (network acceleration engine), designed to process network data traffic with up to 21% higher throughput and 95% lower CPU utilisation.* Game with your friends while streaming 4K HD video.

Processor manufactured using 14 nm process technology massive power in a small package indispensable in a high-end WiFi6 router with low power consumption

It is easier to integrate, consumes less power, generates 20% less heat,* and is more stable in long-term use than the 28 nm chips used in the industry

Large 256 MB memory stably connects to 128 devices* optimized for Mi Smart Home, no freezing even with multiple connections.

You can configure a Mi smart device with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app when you connect it to the Internet for the first time, so there’s no need to manually enter a password.

52% faster theoretical rates, full Gigabit Ethernet ports, enjoy fast WiFi6

Up to 52% faster wireless speeds than mainstream AC1200 routers, and up to 1775 Mbps* dual-band concurrent wireless speeds with full Gigabit Ethernet ports, making full use of every megabit of bandwidth.

Four high-gain omni-directional antennas, precise debugging with a good layout, wider coverage, longer transmission distance

4 external 5 dBi high-gain omni-directional antennas. Supports LDPC error correction algorithms to significantly enhance anti-interference capabilities and signal coverage for data transmission.

Supports Mesh networking, powerful interconnection of multiple routers, the whole house is seamlessly covered with high-speed WiFi6

5 GHz WiFi or a network cable can be used for networking; the maximum theoretical transfer rate is 1201 Mbps*, and multiple routers can connect in star or chain formation, or as a mixed wired/wireless network. If there are any changes to routing devices in the network, you can manually re-network to ensure a stable network experience.

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