Mi Dual Driver Earphones-Black

  • 3-button operation for better convenience and operability. Trigger the voice assistant by long pressing the play/pause button.
  • Magnetic suction design makes the storage process simple and effortless.
  • 90? close fitting design fits almost all smartphones and the minimal wire exposure keeps the durability intact.
  • Soft comfortable anti-slip earplugs perfectly fit the contour of your ears offering exceptional comfort.


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Immersive Sound Experience

Deep-dive into the World of Audio

Dual drivers are here to deliver a never heard before audio experience.

The immersive sound allows you to experience every note in sharp detail.

Dual Dynamic Drivers vs Single Driver

The dual dynamic driver structure brings a quality sound experience with the drivers delivering rich bass and crisp treble. Dual drivers ensure low distortion and focuses on all frequencies to deliver a complete sound stage whereas a single driver focuses on a single frequency range and doesn’t focus on mids or highs.

Distinctive Sound Signature

Unmatched Frequency Response

The clear mids offer superior instrument separation and enthralling vocals. Sparkling trebles let the guitars and lead solos really shine, making these the perfect earphones for your desired listening. Also enjoy rich bass complementing the highs and mids.

Built for You

Uncompromised Quality

The anodized aluminum cavity is crafted using a precise anodizing process and is further perfected with a zircon sandblasting procedure. This renders the earphones scratch-proof, fingerprint resistant and lightweight. The outer shell features an elegant carbon look for effortless style.

Designed to Perfection

Uncomplicated Experience

The braided cable is smooth to touch and anti-winding.
You can effortlessly store it in your pockets, bag or case
without the worry of repeated untangling.

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