HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

  • Audio Technology: Dual-mic Active Noise Cancellation, Triple-mic Noise Cancellation for calls.
  • Sensitivity: Microphone sensor, Hall sensor, Capacitance sensor.
  • Battery capacity: 150 mAh (min.)
  • Playtime:  24 hours playback on 1 charge*
  • Charging: Fast charging via HUAWEI HiPair
  • Charging Time: About 60 minutes *
  • Bluetooth compatibility: BT 5.0




Find Your Optimal Noise Cancellation

You can choose the right noise cancellation mode for different scenarios, and enjoy an optimized hearing experience.

Dual-mic Active Noise Cancellation

Go Extra Miles for Extra Quiet

Two highly sensitive microphones work together to achieve noise cancellation in and out. The large dynamic drivers generate stronger and deeper anti-noise sound, creating a pure, immersive world filled with the sound you love.

Awareness Mode

Stay Tuned with the Outside World

Tap and hold the left earbud to transfer from Active Noise Cancellation to Awareness mode where you can hear the outside world, with things around you sound and feel natural.

3-mic Call Noise Cancellation

Hear the Voice that Matters

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro comes with a converged sound pickup system of three microphones. It effectively reduces the interference of environmental noise during calls. Also, the Deep Neural Networks (DNN) algorithm can accurately identify human voice features, keeping calls clear and steady, even in bustling environments.

14 mm Powerful Dynamic Driver

Built to Impress

The 14 mm dynamic driver works with an independent low-frequency sound tube to achieve resonance effect, delivering punchier, deeper bass. The delicate diaphragm significantly improves the response capability for clear midrange and melodious treble, true to your ears and heart.


Plug, Pair and Charge

With HUAWEI HiPair Technology and USB-C plug, HUAWEI FreeLace Pro can be paired with a phone, or a tablet in just one step. You can charge it during a 5-minute coffee break on a busy day, and enjoy five hours of high quality music.

24 Hour Battery Life

Power for Your Love

Going beyond expectations of common Bluetooth earphones’ battery life, HUAWEI FreeLace Pro supports up to 24-hour playback. Even with noise-cancellation enabled, it still offers an extraordinary 16 hour listening experience

Double Press Switch

Double Press to Switch to the last Connected Device

Switching between devices can be so easy with HUAWEI FreeLace Pro. Just press twice on power button and swiftly switch to the last connected device.

Low-latency Gaming Mode

Ears on the Prize

Thanks to the wireless audio codec optimization, the audio latency for gaming is greatly reduced down to 150 ms. The low-latency gaming mode is automatically enabled when you start a game, keeping you alert and sharp for every round.

Magnetic Snap

Intuitive On-and-Off

The magnetic design of HUAWEI FreeLace Pro offers an intuitive user experience. You can attach the earbuds together to end the connection for longer battery life. And when you separate them, it will reconnect and get you back to your music or calls.

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